Twelve Killed at Showing of The Dark Knight Rises

Clickonline writes: "At least 12 people have been killed and up to 40 others were injured in a shooting attack at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, near Denver, Colorado. It is believed that two shooters were involved in the attack. One suspect has been detained, and the FBI are on the scene to co-ordinate the hunt for the second man. It has also been reported that one explosive device was set off, but a bomb squad is currently on site as a secondary device has possibly been found in the parking lot."

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stuna13353d ago

What has this world gone too? I'd say "Hell in a handbasket"!

I pray for peace for the victims and their family and whomever else has been affected by this tragedy.

PrimeLantern3353d ago

Wow... go to a movie and not come home. That is just ridiculous.

shackdaddy3353d ago

It's really sad. Coloradoans have had a horrible Summer. First the fires then this :(

Lord_Sloth3353d ago

This is why anti gun laws are stupid. If just 1 dude in that crowd had been carrying a gun, the situation might not have been AS bad.

And before anybody starts on "Well without guns this wouldn't have happened" lemme just say that criminals will always have guns. Taking them away from the rest of us won't change that.

shackdaddy3353d ago

Your first paragraph I disagree with. I own a bunch of guns - I hunt, skeet shoot, and just go to the gun range to get a couple of round off on the weekend. I can say that no one would be able to instinctively pull out their gun - in the midst of shock and terror, with tear gas all around you, and people running everywhere - and successfully shoot the guy without putting anyone else in harm. It just doesn't work like that...

Your second paragraph is right though. Anyone that wants to harm someone could easily get a gun - no matter what law is in place. Gun laws would do nothing. To add to that though, this incident is not an issue about gun restriction - it's an issue with mental health of citizens. What caused this man to walk into a theater, shoot a bunch of innocent people, and then just wait for cops to arrest him? Where were the people that should have seen his mental imbalance and try to help before something like this happened?

Soldierone3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Proper training is the only thing missing. If we had more readily available training things for people interested in buying guns, then tables would indeed get turned.

You can't say a person defending themselves would put people in more danger....they were all in danger no matter what. I'd prefer someone next to me shooting back any day of the your example to me relates to someone new to guns. Whos to say its not someone that has had a gun for years?

Its just like carrying a knife. If I feel threatened at all walking around, my first instinct is to reach into my pocket and hold my pocket knife in my hand....If I had the money, I'd gladly already own a hand gun and have a concealed weapons permit, and be at the range getting comfortable with it as much as possible.

No not everyone needs a gun, no not everyone is trust worthy with it, and yes some people would panic and not think to use it properly, but I'm saying including training with it would help a ton. To me, my first instinct would be to protect my girlfriend at any cost.

On your second note, I want to look it up, but there was a show on the science channel about how the brain works. It talked about how people "become" or are "born" psychopaths. Basically they have absolutely no emotional ties to anything. They interviewed a guy that said he needs constant reminded that something is bad, and even openly admitted if he were to kill someone, he wouldn't care at all. Said it does scare him, because he gets the thoughts, but keeps it under control.

edit; Also don't get me wrong, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the ones involved, and I'm not attacking your opinion at all either.

RufustheKing3353d ago

"This is why anti gun laws are stupid. If just 1 dude in that crowd had been carrying a gun, the situation might not have been AS bad"

If there was no guns then this would have never happened.

as a sidenot: the crazy nutjobs out there, would just get knives to kill people or drive a car thru a bunch of kids.

Lord_Sloth3353d ago

But there is guns which is the point I was making. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

extermin8or3352d ago

@rufustheking, yeah but at least with a knife they have to get close; an you have a reasonable chance of being able to avert being stabbed, especially if you've done self defence of some kind to a reasonable level, but you can't dodge bullets, well you could try to get out of the way but you couldn't literally dodge them; hell it's easier to move out of the way of a car than a bullet due to it's size and speed, either way it's a shame we have to hear/watch out for these nutjobs who seem to feel they can kill people out to enjoy themselves just because they feel like it

RufustheKing3352d ago


See you are thinking the nutjobs would go around screaming and weilding a knife and you would see him coming be able to do something about it. I'd say they wouldn't give you a chance and stab you in the neck randomly on the street and run off stabbing other people.

The thing the pisses me off about this whole thing now is that some people are blaming the batman films and the comics for causing this. the media cause people like this, cause all they are after is the fame for going on killing sprees and the media want a nice juicy story to show.

Downtown boogey3352d ago

Who brings a gun to a movie??

extermin8or3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Lord_Sloth you realise the guy that did the shooting bought all the guns he had and used legally right? So more anti gun laws and it would've been harder for him to posses multiple pistols, a rifle etc and the police might've noticed he'd purchased them on the black market or whatever...
Also these things are fairly rare but here in England we have very strict gun laws and ok there's a size difference in terms of number of people so that could effect how likely it is to get the one nutter willing to go out to kill people, but these sort of things do seem to happen less in countries with stricter gun laws, because as I say someone stockpiling firearms like those becomes more noticeable.

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