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New Posters For 'Gangster Squad,' 'The Last Stand,' 'After Earth' & 'The Campaign'

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Set your eyeballs on fun, because a plethora of one sheets have landed in the last few days, so we're just gonna round 'em up here for your perusal.

First up, a new banner poster for "Gangster Squad" has been unveiled, giving the key characters in the film -- coppers played by Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling; Emma Stone's femme fatale and Sean Penn's blustering Mickey Cohen -- all a little bit of shine. You know the story by now: based on a series of articles in the L.A. Times by Paul Lieberman, and adapted by former L.A. cop-turned-novelist Will Beall, the film tells the story of an L.A.P.D. unit set up in the ‘40s to fight the growing influence of the East Coast Mafia under the leadship of Mickey Cohen, a mogul who started as muscle for Al Capone in Chicago.

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