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FilmFracture Review: The Dark Knight Rises

James Jay Edwards of FilmFracture writes:

"The Dark Knight Rises" is an impressive example of blockbuster filmmaking. Everything about the film is big, from the stunts to the stars to the explosions. Although it is primarily an action film, it's also very suspenseful; in fact, Bane and his atom bomb is a literal definition of Hitchcock's ticking bomb theory. The movie clocks in at about 2:45, and the viewer feels every minute of it. That's not to say that it drags; on the contrary, the film is never boring, and there's really nothing that could be trimmed out to shorten it without taking something integral out of the storyline. However, the story is not all fistfights and gunfire. There's an ingenious story that keeps even the most explosion-happy viewer glued to the screen.

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