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Linda Hamilton to Guest on Syfy's 'Lost Girl'

Terminator star Linda Hamilton is going to Canada to become a sexy and ruthless assassin.

Hamilton, who has appeared in several episodes of NBC’s Chuck, is to guest star in an episode of the Canadian supernatural series Lost Girl as Acacia, who has enjoyed a storied and deadly career.

Lost Girl airs on Syfy stateside and Showcase in Canada.

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alycakes3350d ago

I've been watching Lost Girl and it's pretty good. You have to keep up with the details or you loose track of what is going was a little confusing at first because I missed the first few episodes. I went back and got caught up and was able to understand who was who and why.

aDDicteD3343d ago

i heard about this series but i havent got the chance to see it yet, linda hamilton was one of my favorites in the 80's when i was a would be nice to see her on tv.