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Why 'Dark Knight' Can't Top 'Avengers'

Yahoo - Experts say the juggernaut Batman movie will not break the box office record set by "The Avengers".

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Lord_Sloth3349d ago

Because Nolan takes the Super out of Super Hero?

adorie3348d ago

It already shattered the opening day of the avengers by a lot.

OneAboveAll3347d ago

That doesn't make it a better movie. I can go pay to see a movie and then walkout half way thinking it was complete trash.

Agreed with Lord_Sloth. Batman = crime thriller
Avengers + Superhero movie.

Nes_Daze3349d ago

^ Cute, guess batman wasn't a superhero when his back was broken, and he climbed his way out of a prison in order to save a city that nobody has hope for. Yup, the Avengers have so much more substance to their character...-_-

Gamefan123348d ago

should not spoil stuff for people who have not seen the movie yet

Nes_Daze3348d ago

True, I just figured most people on here would know that's going to happen in the film.

Lord_Sloth3348d ago

It's just that Batman was like some super ninja who faced the most dangerous people a man could possibly face who wasn't beyond human limits and some of those villains WERE beyond human ability. Mr. Freeze, and Clayface are my absolute favorite villains in all of Batman and they can't get in because they're unrealistic.

Let's not forget that Ra's (another favorite) is mystical by his very being and yet now it's just a name passed down from this dude to that dude. He took all of the supernatural out of it and that kinda killed it for me. After that I was at least hopeful for some good martial arts action (seeing that he was trained by Ra's' ninja I'd say it was a safe assumption) but we didn't really get anything besides a jerky camera in the 1st 2 films.

I have yet to see the 3rd. I'm just gonna wait for my friend to buy the dvd.

Nes_Daze3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

In that case, watch the old batman movies, they're pretty good too imo, this trilogy was supposed to be darker, more realistic, and it came out to be perhaps the best Batman trilogy. But to each his own, I just think Avengers doesn't have what Dark Knight has, not to mention the actors.