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New Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed at Comic Con Gets Mixed Reviews Last week SuperHero Authority was super lucky to be able to get one of the very first looks at the new Iron Man 3 suit at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. The new suit has more gold than hot rod red this time around and there are mixed reviews about it nearly everywhere online.

After SHA posted photos of the new suit and tweeted it out, on their Twitter handle, almost immediately there was an outcry of both amazement and hate on Twitter. Rightfully so, since the new suit has a lot of gold. Seriously, a lot of it.

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KingPin3720d ago

less gold more hot rod red would be better.

they nailed it in iron man 1, 2 was ok, wasnt feeling the triangle on the chest piece.

SITH3720d ago

There may be a reason to the design. All Iron man suits have a specific purpose.

SHA3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Fans need to take a step back to cool down with this. Just because there is more of one color than the other isn't a bad thing. Wait and see this suit in action before having such a knee-jerk reaction please.

We think it's simply badass and who cares about the color if this suit is indeed badass on the big screen—then no one will remember being angry at it having too much gold anyway.

iamnsuperman3720d ago

I am all up for waiting to see it in action but there is a lot of gold (well yellowy cream gold) there. It is like the chavy, blingy iron man suit.

DarkBlood3719d ago

lets hope it has an actual pee filter system lol *cookies and milk for those who know what im referring to"

Genki3719d ago

You're understating the importance of color; it's an extremely important aspect of design. We see in living color, so you're can't just trivialize color and be dismissive towards people who aren't pleased with the new armor.

Whatever the case, it isn't the color alone, it's that this particular design lacks balance. The gold they've chosen is of a very dull, unappealing hue, and it overpowers the more vibrant red so much that it's painful to look at.

The armor itself looks great, and with some minor tweaks I think it could be the best one, but as it stands...they're not quite there yet. Hopefully the movie is good, anyway.

gaden_malak3719d ago

I said in the other thread that posted this, the cream look makes it look to mannequin-like. Looks really fake.

But we'll see how it goes in the movies.

KwietStorm_BLM3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

It doesn't have to do with more of a color to me. It just looks silly as hell. That's very bad design. It looks like a human had their skin torn off, revealing just the muscle tissue.

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Deadpool6163719d ago

Tony Stark: A little ostentatious, don't you think?
Jarvis: What was I thinking? You're usually so discreet.
Tony Stark: [gazes at a 1930s hotrod] Tell you what. Throw a little hotrod red in there.

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