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'Total Recall': Bryan Cranston Is None Too Pleased With Kate Beckinsale
As his Breaking Bad alter ego Walter White inches towards pure villainy, actor Bryan Cranston is ready to prove he's got what it takes to be a full-on bad guy in the upcoming Total Recall. Speaking to on the set of the futuristic thriller, Cranston explained that he wanted to avoid the usual tropes of a blockbuster evil-doer for his character Cohaagen. "I said 'John Edwards,' I want a John Edwards softness to him, so it's not 'here comes the bad guy!' I wanted to change that up and approach it that way." Donning Tom Ford suits, a wavy hairdo, and a grumbly tone, Cranston's transformation may not be what one expects, but it's chilling nonetheless.

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alycakes3349d ago

I had no idea he was in this...I don't remember seeing him.

BlackPrince 423349d ago

I want to think the worst about this film. But every time I watch a trailer or a video it doesn't look like the lazy cash grab I suspect it to be.

Deadpool6163349d ago

They put a lot of effort in revitalizing this. So far, so good. :)

NCAzrael3348d ago

I am so pumped to see this. I usually see remakes as a sort of guilty pleasure. Something I'll at least watch once to see what they change and how true it stays to the original, and maybe if it's good enough I'll keep it around to enhance my enjoyment of the original. Most remakes I'll relegate to waiting for the home release. This, however, is shaping up to be an opening weekend viewing for sure.

Lord_Sloth3348d ago

Well I was still on the fence about this movie, but if Walter White's the lead villain then I am SO there!