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The 3 Worst Things About The Dark Knight Series

Player Affinity Writes: Seven years ago, we all began a journey. It started in a distant land with a man carrying a blue flower to the top of a tall mountain. We've left it with the same man going into exile after the death of a friend. Where it ends, we don't yet know, but it seems reasonable to think this man will rise again. I'm, of course, talking about Bruce Wayne—The Batman.

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krazykombatant3350d ago

looool haters trying to pick the most ridiculous reason you can pretty much do this with every movie and its plot. Jesus.... A playboy billionaire using his inheritance to fight crime whilst riding a huge frigging tank around the city. If you're looking for excuses look no further........ -___-

b163o13350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I really think this guy thinks this is "Based on true events" LOL

Lord_Sloth3350d ago

My biggest problem is Nolan's attempting to keep everything realistic which means I wouldn't be able to see my favorite villains.

LtSkittles3350d ago

Doesn't matter when you only make 3 movies though.

Rabidgummibear3350d ago

For me at least I get to see one of my favorite villains in the last movie, but very true. I would love to have seen some of the less realistic villains used in this trilogy.