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LRA: The Amazing Spider-Man - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: We have just recently entered a whole new world of comic book super hero movies. Just two months ago the behemoth known as The Avengers broke all kinds of records, but it also changed the super hero movie forever by smashing peoples expectations for what they wanted out of their super hero flick. The Amazing Spider-Man (known as ASM from hence forth), is the first super hero movie to be released in a post-Avengers world. ASM must not only deal with its own tangled film history but it must also create an identity all its own while also still trying to prove that you don't need half a dozen super heroes in your movie to make it worthwhile. My biggest question going into ASM wasn't so much if it was going to hit all those points or not, but more about whether I or anyone really wanted a brand new Spider-Man movie series just five short years after the last series ended? ASM surprised me in a lot of ways though, but with each surprise came with it an often baffling series of events and character motivations that ultimately made this new Spidey more of a mess than the satisfying reboot it was striving to be.

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alycakes3355d ago

I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie even more than the last ones. I've seen it twice and I've decided I like this Spider-Man just a little more than the last one.

aDDicteD3350d ago

ASM was a very solid movie but the first two spiderman movies were somehow better. spiderman 3 was a mess so this movie is obviously better. i liked how they made spiderman a vigilante by searching his uncles killer, the chemistry between the 2 lead actors and the fight scenes but the movie had less supporting characters and the train scene was unnecessary.