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The Walking Dead: The Comic vs The Show

Charlie writes:

"Over the last weekend, I've been reading up on the comic of my favorite television shows to ever have garnished our screens. If you didn't see from the title, it's "The Walking Dead". I'm only up to issue 63, and my word it's really starting to get interesting. I'll try to avoid where I'm at now, but what I feel like I can talk to you about is the events in the comic that have already been portrayed in the television show. Which media did it better? If you want to read the comic without spoilers, DO NOT read this article."

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Soldierone3722d ago

Really good read with solid points.

As for the flow, I think it has to deal with the comics being well comics. They don't have an hour to fill, they have an issue to fill. They HAVE to be to the point and skip things, which messes with the flow.

I'm not entirely sure why the show drags on things though. In the first season they were direct to the point too, but then season 2 it was just dragging on with so many things. Its more or less probably because you can only get so much from one issue. Each episode could encompass 4 or 5 comics really easily. At that pace you'd have maybe 3 or 4 seasons before you catch up, something Kirkman openly said he doesn't want to happen.

however the comics do this too in different ways. There were several issues with really nothing going on, and several issues that were still rather apparent in issue 100.....

Kran3722d ago

Considering Season 3 is 16 episodes long, i get the feeling they'll be at the prison the entire time

Soldierone3722d ago

Won't surprise me. However a lot happens at the prison in the comics, so i hope they tell some of those stories.

They did show the town they go to though, so it might go a little further than expected, but not that far. I say they will be just about to "leave" at the end of the season.

aDDicteD3721d ago

nice article,, well judging by the latest trailer to season 3 i think it'll be completely different from the comics like andrea and michonne were the ones in the woodbury instead of glenn, rick and michonne. but of-course there are some similarities like on the previous season still most of the events will alter. and another thing is that there were a lot of things happened at the prison in the comics like lori's pregnancy, ricks leadership, etc. so I'm guessing come season 4 they will still be on the prison. i'm looking forward to the governor cause just like shane the tv series did great on building shane's character to new heights so i'm guessing that the governor will also be having the same treatment as well and michonne as well.

Kran3721d ago

I'm surprised AMC kept Shane to the end of season 2. Shane never survived up to the farm in the comic, but they decided to bring him on anyway. Made things very shaken and really good.

I have good faith in AMC :)