You Can't Please Everyone: Negative Reviews Of Some Of The Best Loved Films In Cinema History

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As you may have noticed, the review embargo on "The Dark Knight Rises" broke yesterday, and the word, including that from our own Todd Gilchrist, is mostly good. We say mostly, because as with most films, there are objections, with a few reviews -- Christy Lemire from the Associated Press, Marshall Fine at Hollywood & Fine, Christopher Tookey at the Daily Mail, Devin Faraci at Bad Ass Digest -- coming in on the negative side of the fence. And as has become increasingly common in the last few years -- particularly with Christopher Nolan's films, Pixar movies, and even "The Avengers" -- the fans are in uproar at the sheer concept that reviewers dare give a negative notice to "The Dark Knight Rises" (though, having not yet having seen the film themselves doesn't prove to a hurdle to their logic somehow).

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alycakes3356d ago

This is why I listen to my own instincts mostly. I might listen to some of my friends or family that I talk to because we have the same taste in movies but I never listen to any of the critics.

Soldierone3356d ago

This is why I never care. You take the websites that have solid points (negative or positive) and base your own opinion.

When it comes down to it, you have 3 websites.

1 The person simply just telling you their opinion.

2 The site that thinks they are gods and are the "standard" to film followers, and will hate anything mainstream and not artsy.

3 The site hating the movie simply for hits. "Batman Sucked....come argue about it on our site!"

NCAzrael3355d ago

While I prefer to judge things on my own, I gladly use critics as a way to prioritize anything I might spend money on. For movies, games, and TV shows, I look for a critic who appears to have the same taste as I do. It's easy enough to do, just look at past reviews they've done and see if they match your opinion. Sure, you're likely to diverge on one thing or another (I'm looking at you, Drive) but for the most part if you find yourself agreeing with all of their reviews and the specifics given in each, you've probably found someone who is worth paying attention to.

edwest3355d ago

You have to admire the tenacity of people who rave and cry wolf when a movie gets the punishingly low score of 87%.

Kinda reminds me of the fanboy uproar when Final Fantasy 13 was awarded 39/40 by Fanmitsu (a japanese gaming Magazine).

1 point short of 40? WORST GAME EVAR!

aviator1893355d ago

stopped looking to reviews after john carter and I've never looked back nor regretted that decision.

Soldierone3355d ago

You are not alone. That was a tipping point for me too.

"John carter sucks!" I go see it, and its really good.....

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