Critics: New Batman Foe Rivals Joker

Yahoo: Tom Hardy's Bane draws comparisons from some to Heath Ledger's indelible Joker.

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-Mezzo-3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I am sure that Bane is amazing in 'Dark Knight Rises', everyone who's watched the Movie is saying so. But there is absolutely noway Bane or any future Villain could beat or even match the Heath's Joker.

KingPin3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

i agree with you.

see the thing is with bane, not many people know what to expect character wise. maybe the few that read the comic books will be prepared what to expect but the rest of us who dont really keep up with it wouldnt know much about him. they didnt do him much in the cartoons either.

joker on the other hand was done before quite a bit. both in previous movies as well as plenty in the cartoons so going in we knew what we were in for and when we saw MR Lengend Ledger performance it was simply brilliant. we had lots of material to use to make such a comparison.

with that said, im sure Bane will be a great villain and im sure he nor Anne hathaway as catwoman would bring this movie down by any means.

looking forward to watching it soon.

darklordzor3729d ago

Here's the thing, any comparisons between the two are very hard to make. I loved Bane in the film. I think they did a great job with him, but his character is totally different from the Joker. It really is like comparing apples to oranges.

They are two very different characters both portrayed in very incredible ways. I think we should just count ourselves lucky.

Soldierone3728d ago

I saw this on Yahoo, and they have a lot of blatantly paid advertisement articles....honestly felt this is just one of those articles....

Lord_Sloth3728d ago

So he'll be talked about for ages like he's the best thing since sliced bread in a movie about a US Ninja with crap fight scenes and a parapalegic cameraman at a disco?

Nes_Daze3728d ago

Your lack of taste in movies amazes me, "U.S. ninja?"

Lord_Sloth3728d ago

Because I dislike 1 film that everybody raves about I lack taste in movies? You don't even know what I watch, so how can you make that assumption off of 1 series?

And yes, Batman is essentially an American Ninja in Super Hero form.

Nes_Daze3727d ago

Oh no I don't base it off of what I assume you watch, I base it on your comment, I think you lack taste in movies because you think Batman has "crap fight scenes", and you make a reference to the camera work which I have no idea what's wrong there.