Hopes For The Future Of The Dark Knight

ChaosHour Writes: [Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Dark Knight and Batman Begins]

As the internet takes a gusty inward breath, ready to take the plunge into cinemas nation-wide for Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman feature: The Dark Knight Rises; rumors run rampant as to how the director will conclude his re-mastery of the franchise. Is this truly the end for Christoper Nolan’s Bat-verse? If the general consensus of the web is anything to go by, then yes, it may well be. But then, I’m pretty sure I heard this same tolling when The Dark Knight was in production. If there is one thing Christopher Nolan is good at, it is keeping a good movie secret; and with a backlog of films with such iconic twists and turns (Inception, Memento) this is no surprise.

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