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Dwayne Johnson Says There’s Truth to the Rumors of Possibly Playing Lobo

In May, we reported that Dwayne Johnson might be in the running to star in the DC superhero movie, Lobo. The rumor began when a fan tweeted to Johnson that he’d like to see the star in the role, and Johnson responded, “Funny U say that…” Today, he has added a bit more fuel to the fire, by tweeting about the rumor he started:

“Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. [Producer] Joel Silver and [director] Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun.”

I’m sure if Warner Bros. wanted to go forward on a character like Lobo, who’s mostly unknown outside of comic book fans, they would do well to have a star like Johnson on board, especially since he’s one of the few major actors who can match Lobo’s physique. Hit the jump for more background on Lobo.

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alycakes3358d ago

I wonder if this is even going to get done.

vitorizzo3358d ago

just googled him...hes as interesting as john carter

Hayabusa 1173357d ago

I know this makes me sound like a pop culture whore but: You had to google Dwayne Johnson? How did you live through the early 2000s without hearing about The Rock?

KrimsonKody3357d ago

I think he meant Lobo.

Who haven't smelt what The...
Aaw, nevermind.

vitorizzo3357d ago

of course i know dwayne the rock johnson lol...i googled lobo

WetN00dle693357d ago

You guys serisouly dont know who Lobo is???
WOW, that fool is a bad maddafcker who takes Shite from no one!

Soldierone3358d ago

I really don't see him as a good LOBO at all....About the only thing going for this is his build, beyond that his acting style doesn't match it at all.

If all else, he will be good to get interest in the character, then it will be rebooted and done properly.

KrimsonKody3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

This could be the movie that proves his career.
He has the look already.
If he can deliver on the acting, & actually step out of his norm & adapt to the character, I don't see why this can't be an secret success.

I think the movie producers wants to net certain that this is worth it all;
Paying The Rock

Dms20123357d ago

Well, chalk up another DC critical and box office failure.

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