Comic-Con: Thomas Jane Unveiled a New Punisher Short Film With Special Guest Ron Perlman

Do you know the difference between justice and punishment? Thomas Jane does and he proved it to the relatively small audience gathered at a Comic-Con panel for RAW Studios. In an intimate setting in a small convention room that wasn’t titled Ballroom 20 or Hall H, Jane ran the show for the independent studio presentation. Their projects included a Bad Planet videogame adaptation of their comic series with gaming studio Red Flag, a short conceptual film for a Western they’re producing called A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand and, to the delight of Punisher fans in the audience, a fantastic short film featuring Jane as the Marvel anti-hero. That was awesome enough, but a special guest star also joined the presentation: Ron Perlman, who recently proved how great a human being he is, had a small cameo in the film. Hit the jump for a recap of the Punisher short film featuring Jane and Perlman.

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alycakes3358d ago

Thomas Jane should have stayed as the Punisher when they did the second one...I thought he was great in the first one.

Yi-Long3356d ago

... but this short was absolutely BRILLIANT and nailed the character 100%.

Great stuff.

darklordzor3357d ago

I don't care what people say...Thomas Jane was a great Frank Castle. Sure the movie had some issues, but he did a great job with the character. Wish they'd bring him back with it.

alycakes3357d ago

I thought so too...I loved that movie with him playing the part and he should have continued with it.

BlackTar1873356d ago

yea he was great Travolta was bad. Even the charcter around travolta mostly his right hand man was well played i thought just travolta was over the top.

Soldierone3357d ago

I absolutely loved Thomas Jane as Punisher.I wish Hollywood didn't suck with reboot crap and kept him on......

MinimeJer053357d ago

As much as I liked War Zone more, I always enjoyed Jane's portrayal of the character too. Both him and Stevenson approached the character with COMPLETELY different takes that I don't think would be fair to compare.

Jane was going for the emotional side, which was a little too much for my liking and Stevenson the over-the-top violence, which was AWESOME, but had little to no story.

I'd like a proper mix of the two, which this short seems to be doing.


sovietsoldier3356d ago

i cant wait for another punisher with jane. i liked the dolph lundgren punisher but when jane did his it made it the best punisher. war zone is a real crappy movie its like the two incredible hulk movies.

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