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Matt Damon: If 'Bourne Legacy' Is A Hit, He Expects The Franchise To Move On Without Him

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Poor Matt Damon's got to be somewhat sick of answering questions about the Jason Bourne series, a franchise he's ostensibly not in any more. Or at least, not for now. In case you're living under a rock, Damon and Paul Greengrass walked away from a "Bourne 4," in late 2009, for several reasons, but one of them being a chief creative one: Jason Bourne had discovered who he was, no longer had full amnesia and his story arc had been completed.

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alycakes3353d ago

I had heard him say this before in an interview. He stated that...'only if the script was really great and Paul Greengrass was the director would he do another Bourne movie'. I really don't see this happening.

Soldierone3352d ago

Lets face facts here, its Hollywood. If the next one fails, it will just be rebooted, if that one fails they will let it rest for maybe 5 years and reboot it again. When one of the reboots makes money, they will milk it dry, then reboot it again.

When Matt Damon actually needs money, he will return as some special character.

alycakes3352d ago

You are so all comes down to the money.