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Robert Downey Jr. Dances His Way Into Hall H And Other Highlights From The 'Iron Man 3' Presentation

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Marvel Studios, and in particular the “Iron Man” franchise, have a long and storied history with Comic-Con and Hall H. Nearly all of their films have had a presence at the show, oftentimes debuting footage shot only days before the convention. “Captain America” famously debuted an impressively polished reel two years ago after only one week of shooting. But the film that started it all was the first “Iron Man.” At the time, the film, based on arguably amongst the lesser known of Marvel’s cannon, wasn’t on many people’s radar outside of the hard core. But director Jon Favreau and star Robert Downey Jr. changed that in a hurry, debuting a show-stopping reel that garnered quite possibly the biggest reaction in the history of Comic-Con and Hall H. Having been there myself, the moment was positively electric. When Favreau offered to run the reel again, the crowd erupted, cheering almost as loudly the second time around.

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alycakes3360d ago

I don't think he would do a 4th one. I think if and when they do another Iron Man they will use someone else but he's made the character what it is today and it will be hard to say goodbye to him.

SHA3359d ago

Mad man-crush for Downey Jr. here. And we're confortable with ourselves to publicly admit this too. Hahaha.