Marvel Reveal Phase 2 Titles And Release Dates for 2014

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"Phase Two begins right now!" the teaser recap footage from Marvel's 2012 Comic-Con panel cried out. And the studio wasted no time making some major announcements. Right off the bat, before their talent had even taken the stage, Marvel revealed the titles for all their phase two films.

"You want to hear a little bit about what's coming up?" Marvel chief Kevin Feige teased. "The first one, we're halfway through now, is 'Iron Man 3.' " Before audiences could complain he was stating the obvious, the studio launched into the real meat of their phase two plan.

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alycakes3358d ago

Wow! That's a lot really.

gaden_malak3358d ago

They certainly went all out at Comic Con.

OneAboveAll3357d ago

Another reason why Marvel > DC. DC might have an army of fanboys but Marvel has... a Hulk. :p

If Batman is all DC has that can make money then they need to get with the program.

alycakes3357d ago

I think they will eventually. I don't think they will have Batman and Superman in there....well maybe, I don't know but hopefully they will think of something soon.

gaden_malak3357d ago

Personally I think they need movies based on more interesting Superheroes (aside from Batman).

Superman is too easy and he's too powerful.