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Marvel Announces “Phase Two” of Sequels and New Movies at Comic-Con 2012

MediaStinger: "Now that Marvel is done with their first wave of blockbusters that have all killed at the box office, today at their Comic-Con panel they announced what they’re calling “Phase Two” which consists of continuing all of their current series and even adding a couple new series to their movie franchise based on other comics in their family."

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OneAboveAll3360d ago

Strap on a nut DC...

Can't wait for Guardians!

Soldierone3360d ago

Really, really don't see the interest in Ant Man. That has to be one of those movies really pushing it to see what people will pay to see. I'm not even really interested in buying Ant Man comics.

pompombrum3360d ago

I don't even know who ant man is but I've already decided I won't pay to see it from the name alone.

Blacktric3360d ago

"I don't even know who ant man is but I've already decided I won't pay to see it from the name alone."

Good choice. Not seeing something just because you don't like the name of it. Don't even know what to say to it. Especially when everyone who saw the footage was amazed by how they pulled off the character perfectly without making him look like an ass...

pompombrum3359d ago

He's an ant man, if it's the superhero I'm thinking of, it just sounds like a bad idea. I'd rather they followed through with the rumor of a deadpool movie.

DarkBlood3360d ago

well i'll be seeing them all as usual, at first years ago i wasnt interested in iron man among other super hero movies but because of the avengers it got me to get them both

so yeah the name alone makes me think otherwise but never again so it will be interesting to see what ant man is all about

OneAboveAll3359d ago

Never been an Ant-Man fan but a movie could turn me into one. Especially since he will most likely be in The Avengers 2.

Would love to see a Giant Ant-Man fight Hulk.

castdreams3359d ago

"Really, really don't see the interest in Ant Man"
Normally, and from a mass audience perspective, I would agree with you 100%. The reason there is a push to get Ant Man made is because it's a pet project of Edgar Wright (director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), so I'm pretty interested to see how it will turn out.

shadow27973359d ago

As much as I dislike Ant-Man, I love Wasp, and she kind of comes with the Ant Man package.

Not saying either will translate to the big screen, or even if Wasp is enough to make me see it. But if they pick a good Wasp (if she's even in it) and the trailers look good enough, I may go see it.

No Wasp, no deal though.

Dms20123359d ago

Why on earth are they choosing Ant Man for a movie? I believe this will be a major misstep on Marvels part, because Ant Man will NOT be a big box office draw. Don't they remember how badly Electra performed? People have heard of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. Furthermore Ant Man always was and always will be a really dumb character, not just in name either. I would rather see Rom, Spaceknight than Ant Man lol.

darklordzor3359d ago

I can't say I have much interest in Ant Man the comic either...however, I love Edgar Wright. Him alone is enough to get me into the theaters to check out this movie.

Soldierone3359d ago

My comment is not only based on my perspective. I mean I'm a comic book nerd, ill see it just because it says Marvel on it, even if its a mindless action flick.

But what I mean as a whole Ant Man really isn't that much of an icon. I don't see the Ant Man comics being talked about, wanted, or on display at comic shops. And look at the comments above "I don't want to see it just because the name sounds stupid" Thats my point....its must really be pushing the "it says Marvel, lets see how many see it" deal. IF it succeeds, hopefully more "smaller" heroes do see the theater.

gaden_malak3357d ago

Ant Man is a movie that really needs to be good and let word of mouth get out about it.

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level 3603360d ago

Marvel simply brings a more human or realistic feel with their superhero characters that I'm sure we can all relate and connect to. Even when I was a kid collecting new and second-hand comics of my fave heroes from both DC and Marvel, I just knew that Marvel was more in-tuned with their audience and reality.

Dms20123359d ago

My thoughts exactly, although I regularly got talked down to by my Vertigo and DC elitist friends (they considered it "literature", not "comics"), I always liked Marvel better.

thorstein3359d ago

Scratching my head at Antman and Guardians. Sure, some might like the comics but I don't think they translate to screen as well.

darklordzor3359d ago

I'm interested in Guardians mostly to see how they approach it. I think it would be neat to see if they can do it right, and basically give us another great sci-fi movie. Lots of ways it can go wrong.