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Marvel Confirms Animated Guardians Of The Galaxy For August 2014 Release


We heard rumors over a month ago that Marvel might be announcing a new movie about Guardians of the Galaxy, their comic series about a group of superheroes who defend the universe in the future. The evidence seemed pretty solid, especially since Marvel had confirmed they were planning a secret new project, and now we've learned that it's for real: Marvel indeed announced in Hall H today that they're planning an animated Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and they've set an official August 1, 2014 release date for it.

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DarkBlood3357d ago

guess we wont be seeing those guys in the next avengers since they are in animated form?

OneAboveAll3357d ago

It's not animated. No where in that article did they say that. They did say it originally but it was incorrect and they have since corrected the mistake. :)

It will be live action.

darklordzor3356d ago

Yeah the animated thing was just a rumor, but it's live action.

SHA3356d ago

This is NOT animated. It will be heavy on the CG (especially the cocky, wisecracking Rocket Raccoon...can't wait for him) but this is a live-action movie. Headline should be adjusted here on FilmWatch.