The Dark Knight Rises Ending Description


I have seen The Dark Knight Rises and I have a detailed description of the ending. Don't click on this article unless you want to be spoiled.

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Soldierone3357d ago

Batman eats a poisonous cake and becomes Harley Quinn, and then Catwoman makes out with her/him, before the "vampire" from Twilight appears. They decide to kill him ensuring we never see a Twilight movie again. Bane then realizes he just needed a hug, and decides to replace Bruce Wayne as batman and gives pink bunnies to the Joker.

Oops meant to put spoiler at the beginning :/ ( :P )

darklordzor3357d ago

Why on Earth would people post articles about the ending of the film? It makes no sense to me. Not even dealing with spoilers and all that, but what's the fun in reading a description of any big scene in a movie?

The fun of movies is to WATCH the damn things!