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Who Should Play Lead in God of War Movie

Golden 4 Games writes:
We caught up with Brett Ratner recently and confirmed either your greatest dream or biggest fear: He is indeed making a movie based on the video game series, God of War.

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Gamefan123352d ago

Yep, a while ago I was saying goldberg ( from wwe ) but he is too old now. This guy would do a good job.

hazelamy3352d ago

he played Conan recently, i could see him playing Kratos well enough too.

Leio3352d ago

The only actor i can think of is Tom Hardy from "Warrior" and "Dark knight rises". He doesnt look exactly like Kratos but anything is possible with make up. Very good actor with great ability of expressing with his body instead of just his face like most actors

iamnsuperman3352d ago

I agree Tom Hardy would be a good candidate and could make a GOW movie very successful. However I really do not think there should be a GOW movie unless they change a lot of Kratos' character because lets be honest Kratos hasn't exactly got a character especially for a movie.

miamicanesruleall3352d ago

I would have said Michael Clarke Duncan but he just had a heart issue. He's a big dude, and he sounds like Kratos.

darklordzor3352d ago

Kratos seems like a hard one to cast. I mean you've got to find someone that fits the look and can actually do some good acting. Otherwise you get just a mindless action film. Chances are we'll get that anyway, but it'd be nice for something more.

DarkBlood3352d ago

lets not forget the voiceover was a black person, its got to sound like kratos in fact as a *white person* i cant imagine any of us pulling that off it can be like darth vader except i imagine trying to sync the voice as to make it look like the actor is actually saying it instead of it looking like a langague dub lol

darklordzor3352d ago

Well being that Kratos is covered in tatoos and what not, anyone of any race could feasibly portray him. You're right though, the voice will be very crucial, perhaps even more so than the look.

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