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Story for New Dragon Ball Z Movie Will be Part of Series

Saiyan Island reveals the story for the movie will be a part of the DBZ series.

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darklordzor3352d ago

I still love Dragon Ball Z. I'll watch it when I see it's on TV, and have enjoyed most of the films. I'm just hoping this one focuses a little more on the story. The problem with some of the later films was a very flimsy set up and then a bunch of fighting.

aDDicteD3352d ago

great news. im so relieved that it will actually be a anime movie. dragonball z is one of my favorites when i was young. can make a more diverse storyarc for goten, trunks, uub and pan that is not related to dragonball gt which was a letdown compared to dragonball z.

-MD-3351d ago

I'm actually watching Dragon Ball Z Kai for the first time (long time fan of the series).

Excited for this.