Neill Blomkamp, Matt Damon & Jodie Foster Impress With Dystopian, Pig Urine-Filled 'Elysium'

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Today Neill Blomkamp made his return to Comic-Con and Hall H after appearing in 2009 for the film that launched his career, “District 9.” “I actually feel like I belong out there amongst the darkness and the flashing lights where I can’t really see anyone’s faces,” Blomkamp tells the crowd. “I’m a fan.”

Blomkamp wastes no time getting to what he knows fans are really waiting for, the first footage of his second film, “Elysium,” which up until today is a relative unknown outside of some vague bits of viral marketing. Plot details recently disclosed the story of a future society in which the wealthy have escaped a ravaged Earth to live on a utopian space station called Elysium. Matt Damon’s character, Max, threatens to disrupt the status quo while Jodie Foster portrays Secretary Rhodes, a high-ranking government official determined to keep Elysium pure.

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alycakes3351d ago

This looks like it was a fun panel.