Joss Whedon Remains Undecided About Directing ‘Avengers 2′

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When you direct and rewrite one of the biggest films of all time, and are often considered the architect of said feature for pulling off the various and disparate movie threads that lead to that complex feat, everyone wants to know what you're going to do for an encore.

So in some respects, it's understandable why so many people are desperate to know whether Joss Whedon will direct the sequel to "The Avengers," now the third highest grossing film of all time ($612.3 million domestically and $1.46 billion worldwide). Asked at Comic-Con today, during a 10-year anniversary panel for his now-defunct space western TV show, "Firefly," whether the filmmaker would helm the next "Avengers" film, Whedon remained non-committal. “I have not come to a decision on directing 'Avengers 2' yet,” he said. “I am having too much fun with this (Firefly reunion) now.”

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alycakes3360d ago

Seeings how the second movie would be a long way would be a big commitment to make that far in advance....but you never know....I wouldn't want anyone else to do it.

DarkBlood3359d ago

i sure hope so, i dont know anyone else whos going to do the trademark humour and other bits like he did for the sequal

alycakes3359d ago one writes or thinks like him. His mind has always been a little different but great.

hazelamy3359d ago

at the very least he's got to be involved somewhere in the scripting stage.

but i think with the phenomenal succes the first one has had, marvel will be very keen to get him back.

i could see them trying to get him involved in some advisory capacity on the whole slate of marvel films too.

Soldierone3359d ago

This is an example of FANS of a different medium being in control and doing things properly. He IS a comic book fan. He didn't pick the movie up and then go order 10 boxes of comics to read them over and "get an idea" of it. He already read them, he already knew the characters, he knew what to do before he even began.

Wherever he goes with comics, I will gladly follow. Hollywood needs more people like him. Heck give him one of the stand alone hereos....maybe it won't be a stereotypical action movie for once. He even knows how to write comics, which a majority of the comic book film directors couldn't do.

This is what video games will see one day. Eventually a person will be old enough to take the film, and then do it properly. Why? Because the person played the game, understands the game, and has been a part of the universe. Not "oh well I played it over the weekend and talked with the devs for an hour" or like the Uncharted mistake "I watched someone play it and its a story about family"

DarkBlood3359d ago

not sure id trust the generation of today doing video game movies justice lol

i do envision doing the resident evil series just like the games but then i thought to my self if i did that it would just be a carbon copy of the game

i just know id get complaints from fans for not doing it word for word instead of something original touch added to it

things are backwards when you finally get it the otherway instead of the bad way which is nuts and also why i can just appreciate a film borrowing things from a series

Soldierone3359d ago

I'm not saying doing it word-for-word. I mean the Avengers movie is nothing like the comics. Yet its still good.

They need to grasp the right concepts, the right characters, and proper stories.

No matter what the fans will always be anal about anything, you can never please everyone, however you can make good movies. Remember comic book movies sucked before too. The new Spider-Man for example, so many nods in the comic book fans direction it was awesome. It wasn't just an action movie.

However Uncharted isn't about family. The Walking Dead honestly would have just been an action movie about zombies if that didn't get put in the right hands (look at Activision). And heck some movie big wigs have gone to the comics, and personally totally ruin a lot of characters.....

DarkBlood3359d ago

i see what you mean it makes sense

if only i had alot of money id film a resident evil zero and the resident evil remake game into a movie back to back

somehow incorperating both jill and chris's storyline into one 2 hour ish movie from chris saving rebecca to barry infamous jill sandwich line lol

heck if you say fans do it better maybe i should go for it lol