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The Walking Dead Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer

DualShock Nexus: The Walking Dead Season 3 trailer has finally been revealed.

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peowpeow3355d ago

Oh hell yes! This is looking better than I'd expected

ALICE6663355d ago

already looks a million times better than S2.

Soldierone3355d ago

I'm holding back from saying that just yet. Remember promos for S2? Looked godly, turned out a majority of it was from episode 1 and the last few episodes, with a few things that really meant nothing in the middle? Like Daryl saying "sorry brother" was made a big deal, turned out to be nothing.

I hope it isn't, but this trailer could be the same deal.

Its awesome we got to see woodberry though.

Soldierone3355d ago

This looked absolutely amazing!!

nintendojunkie283355d ago

I agree.I actually watched the trailer more than once..I'm completely stoked!

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