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Prometheus Review (PlayLegit)

El Padrino of Play Legit writes "Having unanswered questions after watching a movie has never felt more exciting. The sequel is inevitable. It’s the ride in the sci-fi world of Prometheus that allows you to bypass these questions and just get lost in the experience."

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aDDicteD3349d ago

excellent review, i had the same view as well, i am very optimistic that the sequel will be better and more unanswered questions will be elaborated and answered, noomi repace, charlize theron and micheal fassbender were as good as i expected. the visuals were top notch but the tension wasnt as what i expected. it could have been more improved and they could have made the movie 2 hours and 30 minutes..and audiences would have been satisfied. 3d is great but a more solid presentation in terms of storytelling would make the movie ticket much worth it.