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Sad Trombone: 'John Carter' Fans Use Booth At Comic-Con To Collect Signatures For A Sequel

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Well, you gotta admire their spirit. Conveniently ignoring that Disney themselves have written off Andrew Stanton's "John Carter" as a $200 million mistake, fans on various corners of the internet continue to stump for a sequel to the movie. And this campaign is getting organized. There's an official Back To Barsoom website, an online petition aimed at crossing the desk of Disney honcho Alan Horn, and believe it or not, these folks have shelled out some cash to back up their word, with a presence at Comic-Con to keep collecting names from folks who want to see the formerly developing "John Carter: The God Of Mars."

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alycakes3356d ago

I for one...wish they would make the sequel. I loved the movie. I've seen it at least 4 times. 3 times at the theater and once since I bought the blu-ray.

aviator1893355d ago

Same here. I watched it and bought the dvd and everything, even joining that fb group wanting for a sequel. Hopefully, disney hires a better marketing team for the next possible one.

MinimeJer053354d ago

I'd be all for a sequel, despite it never happening.