Ice Age: Continental Drift Review | Shakefire

Shakefire writes, "f there’s something you can always count on with the Ice Age franchise it’s that there will always be an abundance of ice and that Scrat’s hunt for his elusive acorn will always end in pain. Expanding the franchise to its fourth film, Ice Age: Continental Drift continues from where Dawn of the Dinosaurs left off with Manny and Ellie raising their daughter, Peaches, and living peacefully with the rest of the heard. That all changes when Scrat screws everything up and causes the formation of the continents which creates a vast ocean that separates Manny, Diego, and Sid from the rest of the pack. The ocean is no place for a mammoth, saber-toothed cat, and sloth, especially when there’s a dangerous pirate ape roaming the high seas."

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