LRA: Magic Mike - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I was sort of looking forward to Magic Mike. No, really, I was. I know it is very difficult for most immature adult males to say they are interested in seeing a film filled to the brim with male...stuff, but I have no problem stating that after learning it was directed by Steven Soderbergh (a man who is getting by on good will alone anymore) and that it had some weight behind it with the fact it was loosely based off star Channing Tatum's real life exploits as a male stripper, I was genuinely intrigued. The one thing that was being used to sell the movie though was not its story or history, but a copious amount of naked man-ass being paraded and shook all over that stage. That is where Magic Mike fails, not in the concept or even the casting, but in how it doesn't deliver what I am suspecting most are expecting from it, a good time.

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