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Comic-Con: Take a Closer Look at the Man of Steel Costume

IGN - Warner Bros. is showing off the new Superman suit from Man of Steel at San Diego Comic-Con. The costume is in a glass display case and it's roped off, but we did our best to grab some photos of the blue-and-reds for closer examination. One thing is certain: no more underwear on the outside!

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Soldierone3363d ago

It has the snake skin look like the new Spider-Man.....but doesn't look anywhere as good.....

Lord_Sloth3363d ago

They did indeed get rid of the underwear but they didn't expand the belt enough to cover with it. The design looks incomplete as a result. Yeah, something needs to be happening in the stomach area at least. The Underwear may have been a bit silly but it made the costume look more complete. Something should be done with that abdomen.

Soldierone3363d ago

I agree.

Those side indents that go into the belt would be awesome if they were red.

Lord_Sloth3363d ago

Indeed. They should be more visible. Or at the very least more prominent on the front side. Not sure why they're hiding it behind the cloak.

DarkBlood3363d ago

isn't the suit tailor made for henry cavill?

Soldierone3362d ago

I would assume so, but that shouldn't affect the colors by any means.