IGN - Dredd Review

IGN - The 1995 adaptation of Judge Dredd didn’t get it right. Not even close. The rusted, scum-riddled streets of Mega City One – a dying metropolis, addled with violent crime – were too clean, too stagey. The plot too convoluted. And Stallone’s performance as the grim lawgiver was too heroic. (He even took his helmet off.) Even one of the co-creators of Dredd, John Wagner, dismissed the entire project, saying that “Judge Dredd wasn’t really Judge Dredd." But thankfully, the failure of that project has led to a movie which really is Judge Dredd.

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mushroomwig3360d ago

Ah, much better than the Stallone version then. :)

NewMonday3360d ago

Even as this movie seams to be good, the character has even bigger potential not yet relized

wishingW3L3360d ago

IGN gave the same score to Speed Racer and that's easily one of the worst movies ever made. These guys review movies just like they review games, they overrated everything. For them the scale of 10 starts at 7 and the rest means garbage.

upallnightgamer3360d ago

I still liked the Stallone version. T'was a good movie.

Bathyj3360d ago

I didnt mind it but I thought it was a shame Stallones cheesy delivery marred Amand Asante's quite good performance.

My favourite line, I still quote to this day

"I should have taken you out myself, PERSONALLY."
Too funny.

blackhammer3360d ago

Since the Dead Space 2 review, I am unable to bring myself to view anything from IGN as having good value or quality.

erikthegman3359d ago

I'm in this movie as an extra :D. Hopefully I'll be able to see myself or my shadow if I'm lucky lol