Joel Kinnaman Says 'Robocop' Will Be Serious & Gritty But Also Contain A Satirical Edge

The Playlist:
Joel Kinnaman can shoot you from 135 yards now -- and possibly more on a good day. Not that he would use his newfound skills for that purpose, but the actor has been training with handguns for the "RoboCop" reboot, which requires a lot more action skills and gunplay than his role as a Seattle cop on "The Killing" ever did. "We can put some action hero shit in there for Holder now!" he laughed with glee about his new abilities.

Kinnaman told The Playlist while doing the press rounds for the American release of "Easy Money" that he's been taking lessons with "Uncle Scotty" Reitz, the lead firearms and tactics instructor at International Tactical. "Uncle Scotty spent 30 years in the LAPD, and was in the Metro Division and SWAT," Kinnaman enthused. "He's written books on gunfighting," including "The Art of Modern Gunfighting," "so he's the leading expert. I'm in the right hands. I'm learning a bunch of cool stuff, and I would have been happy to save up money to pay for this."

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