Rocco's Modern Life Review: Savages

Savages OR How I learned to Stop Watching Oliver Stone Films and Love Benicio Del Toro.

I didn't like Natural Born Killers. I didn't like Platoon. I didn't like Any Given Sunday. I refuse to watch Alexander (even though I own it). I am afraid to watch The Doors (even though I want to). I could care less about all that other stuff. But I REALLY wanted to see Savages.

Perhaps it was those cool masks that were left over from The Town (see bottom), or maybe it was that poster (among my favorite movie posters of all time). It certainly wasn't Taylor Kitsch. Seriously, how can he be the star of three movies this year and also be the worst actor in all three of these movies? I liked John Carter, but that guy is doing a constant in-costume Batman impression and he's not even trying to hide his identity. But I got past this. The rest of the cast was awesome and it has guns in it. GUNS! So, I went to see it.

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