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Ten Reasons Why Michael Fassbender is The Man

IGN - It’s hard to name a young working actor in Hollywood with more credibility than Michael Fassbender. The Irish/German thesp has shot up the Hollywood ladder of late thanks to a series of carefully chosen roles appealing to cinephiles and comic fans alike – and with the recent announcement of his role in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie, he’s gaining new attention from legions of gamers. Whether you’re a new or an established Fass Fan, here are ten reasons why Michael Fassbender is The Man.

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LOL_WUT3359d ago

Ah that famous shootout scene in Inglorious Basterds he's a good actor.

OSIRUSSS3359d ago

What happened to all these places that proclaimed Sam Worthington was the man?There can only be ONE man.The rest are just a man sitting beside THE man.