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TNT’s Falling Skies Renewed for Season Three

TNT has decided to renew the sci-fi drama Falling Skies for another season. The network has settled on ordering 10 episodes for the show’s third season, set to air in 2013. The show premiered last summer and stars Noah Wyle as a former history professor who becomes one of Massachusetts’ military leaders following a worldwide alien invasion. The post-apocalyptic setting has apparently provided enough fodder for the series to prosper, as it averages 5.9 million viewers when DVR playback is taken into account. I haven’t seen the show but I know a few people who are fans, so this should comes as welcome news to those who tune in every week. The show is currently in the middle of its second season on TNT.

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alycakes3357d ago

Good for them...I am still kinda keeping up with it...not watching it on the night it comes out but the next day or so..

xtheownerzx3357d ago

I've always like Noah Wyle as a good TV actor. He's not too bad.

StarbuckSpitfire3356d ago

I've been keeping up on Falling Skies and I really dig the show. This week's episode was a nice break to see the outcome of relationships being formed.

TheCritic283356d ago

I watched this show for a while, but no longer keep up. Was a little to cheesy for my taste.

Soldierone3355d ago

I'm liking the new season. Couldn't care less about the first season, but season 2 really stepped up a little. Still has cheesy aspect and odd writing choices, but hey nothing else is really on TV at the moment anyways....