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Jason Bateman and Ron Howard on The New Season of Arrested Development

Though nearly a year ago it was announced that creator Mitch Hurwitz would be cooking up an all-new season of the brilliant, cancelled-too-soon comedy series Arrested Development, fans would be forgiven for being leery about the reality of these new episodes actually happening. It seems like Hurwitz, producer Ron Howard, and the show’s stars have been talking about the ongoing development of the elusive Arrested Deveopment movie ever since the show went off the air, and we’ve yet to see that come to fruition.

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alycakes3356d ago

I'm sure the fans of Arrested Development will be happy. I never really got into it but I know several people that did.

vitorizzo3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

blue in my pants

Qbanj693355d ago

I think I've made a huge mistake.