Lionsgate Is Going to Milk The Hunger Games for All Its Worth; Splitting Mockingjay in Half

Lionsgate (predictably) decides to cut the final chapter in The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay, in half. In addition, the studio has set the release date for both parts.

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Crazay3736d ago

i called it - but seriously, there's just too much in the 3rd book to keep it to just one movie. This is a good decision.

DarkBlood3736d ago

same here except i didnt read the second or 3rd book yet to know theres too much in there *saving it till near its release movie date for each film*

but i didnt have to know it was going to be this case since it was kind of a given with harry potter and twilight that a trend would soon follow thereafter

BryanBegins3735d ago

I haven't read the book, but isn't the third one just 360 pages long? Seems short to justify splitting it in two.

Beside, I'll never buy this. Splitting a story in two always makes for awkward movies, like HP 7.1 which was sooooo slow and boring.

TheCritic283735d ago

Yeah, that's what I thought—Twilight and HP had 500+ final books, so it made sense for them. But Hunger Games doesn't seem nearly as dense...

aDDicteD3735d ago

splitting the movie into 2 parts is not really a bad idea if it makes the story better. harry potter and twilight did it, it is obvious that hunger games will follow since the success of the first film. i know that the books are thin and obviously it looks that splitting movies into 2 using a thin book looks absurd but movies have a tandency for creative license as long as the author approves. they can at least give backstories or expand the screentime for some characters and scenarios etc. but at the end of the day it will be ok as long as the movie is not dragging and loses the interest of its audience. the only disadvantage of splitting movies is it loses its climax.