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New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Ties The Whole Story Together


At this point, you're either going to see The Dark Knight Rises or you're not-- and if you're not, you're probably from some strange breed of human or trapped in a basement somewhere, because it seems impossible right now that anyone can miss it. Even people who go to the movies once a year are planning to see it. Even people who don't really like superhero movies are planning to see it. The conclusion to Christopher Nolan's trilogy of Batman films is by far the most anticipated upcoming movie, and with the release date coming fast on July 20, there's not really much more to see before you see the movie itself. Or is there?

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Crazay3358d ago

No need to flag it on me folks...I'm looking for the embed but living in Canada I can't actually see the video so if someone from the US can see the video and the embed, can you email it to me and I'll update it.

Crazay3358d ago

I very much liked this video. a perfect trailer for what will no doubt be an amazing movie.

BlackTar1873357d ago

u get someone to help you?

Crazay3357d ago

No sir - came across a post that someone did when they put it to Youtube.

gaden_malak3357d ago

Not. Sure. If. I. Should. Watch.