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Sources inside The Wolverine camp tell that casting is starting to come together opposite Hugh Jackman in the 2013 summer tentpole movie. And we're psyched to hear that Fox is casting real Japanese actors in some of the key roles in the story based in Japan. The studio would not discuss details of these roles and continues to keep the plot under wraps, but it did confirm the following actors were cast and that more roles are expected to be filled shortly:

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alycakes3356d ago

I'm glad we're finally seeing something on Wolverine. I know there are some that don't care but I do. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie.

KwietStorm_BLM3356d ago

It would be nice if the movie actually has a Wolverine feel. The first one was too soft. And my mind is still reeling from what they did to Deadpool.

Tres213355d ago

id love 2 see or hear of 1 person who liked what they did 2 deadpool in that movie then id lik 2 see them dragged into the street & shot...figuratively not literally of

Crazay3356d ago

I like Wolverine and didn't have any issue with origins. This should be a decent action movie.

Lord_Sloth3355d ago

Hiroyuki Sanada? I am so there!

MWH3355d ago

excellent and charismatic actor, should be in more movies.

gaden_malak3355d ago

I hope they make it more in line with the other Marvel/X-Men movies.

Origins kinda destroyed anything Wolverine had.

gaden_malak3355d ago

I meant First Class destroyed Origins.

TheCritic283355d ago

It's really nice to see an all Asian cast (minus Jackman, of course) headlining a summer blockbuster. It happens so rarely.

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