The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review [Frost Magazine]

Junior Smart of Frost Magazine writes 'Critics can be forgiven for thinking that this is an ‘all too soon’ reboot for perhaps one of the best loved comic book superheroes of a recent generation. On one hand you had the excellent depiction of Spider-man by Sam Raimi with Tobey Maguire providing perhaps an over innocent and goofy Peter Parker / Spider-man. On the other hand though one could argue that the last series of movies became stale, that there were missed opportunities and that it had definitely run its course. However, Marvel was not ready to throw in the towel and who could blame them; Spider-man had made a lot of money for the studio and undoubtedly put them back on the map. Whatever you may say about reboots it is fast becoming Hollywood’s tool-of-choice, especially where successful franchises are perhaps on the way out. For the creators, it’s a handy shortcut and for audiences it is an opportunity to see a new vision of a beloved character.

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