Star Trek 2 Villain Revealed?

SFX says

At a promotional junket for Dredd, Karl Urban looks to have let slip to SFX who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in the forthcoming Star Trek sequel. When asked what it was like having the Sherlock actor on set, Urban said:

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Garethvk3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Nice one. They had told everyone it was Khan.

Crazay3737d ago

I've always been fairly wary of the info on his character because he looks nothing like how Khan should be as a genetically engineered superhuman. I've always thought that this character was more up to his speed.

Garethvk3737d ago

It makes so much more sense. They had said they did not want to be tied into Khan as it was the second film since this is a new universe and timeline. That being said it is classic Trek. Taking a bad guy from the original series and bringhing him to the screen.

Crazay3737d ago

I agree that it makes more sense, However, I would like to see JJ's take on Khan. I bet he'd be a pretty bad ass mofo.

Lord_Sloth3737d ago

Dude...Gary could be badass!

OSIRUSSS3737d ago

I would much rather see Gary 7. That would be badass with Benedict Cumberbatch.