Michonne In Action in The Walking Dead Season 3 Clip


Over the weekend, it was all about The Walking Dead at AMC. The network aired a two season marathon which led up to a sneak peek at season 3. Naturally, that preview of the forthcoming season has hit the web and, after the jump, you'll find a clip featuring the new character - Michonne - in action with her samurai sword.

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Soldierone3363d ago

The first one is blocked.

However the second one I kinda hate how they have multiple directors for each really shows in Season 2. You had the ones that didn't really push for anything, played it safe, didn't bring out much....then you had those episodes where people were talking about it afterwards, they really got engaged, and the season finale....

Personally the guy that did the season finale and the opening episode should just do the entire 3rd season.

aDDicteD3356d ago

the video was removed ...just saw the sneak peek and all the cast were excited and promoting the series telling it would top the last 2 seasons. well i believe them...i read the comics and i must say things will be getting better or messier in a good way.