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IGN - Villains We Want in Amazing Spider-Man 2

IGN - One of the biggest mysteries coming out of The Amazing Spider-Man is the question of who the so-called Man in the Shadows is who pops up during the mid-credits teaser. I've speculated about the mysterious character and the nature of the scene already, but it also got us in the IGN offices thinking: Who would make for an ideal villain in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

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Kran3358d ago


Nah j/k lol that story shouldn't have spanned throughout the three films tbh.

aDDicteD3358d ago

they should try to do venom another chance. they already know their mistakes in spiderman 3. and venom i guess is probably 1 of the most impt/famous villains among spideys fanbase. just like the dark knight rises brought back and redeemed bane from the horrible batman and robin interpretation.