The First Opinions For The Dark Knight Rises Hit the Web

TheMoviePool: Yesterday, the first ever screening of The Dark Knight Rises was shown to a group of very, very lucky people.  And now, a couple of outlet have scooped up some early thoughts.  And what did they think of the film?  Well, from what they say, we might just be in for the best Batman film yet.

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Chucky20033358d ago

misleading title,its not a review,but the impressions gathered from the ones that saw the screening for the critics

TheCritic283357d ago

If you want to get technical, there's really no difference between a "review" and "impressions." They cover the same things, really. One's just smaller than the other.

Blackdeath_6633357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

reviews give an in-depth and knowledgeable analysis of the movies while impressions are opinionated and vary depending on who is giving the impression. there is a difference. reviewers usually write a review THEN conclude with their impression on it but a good review shouldn't be affected by the writer's opinion but on his knowledge on the subject.

KwietStorm_BLM3357d ago

The title says first reviews hit the web, obviously referring to said "impressions." It doesn't say this particular site has their own review.

fei-hung3357d ago

I hated TDK thanks to the realism route it took and the shitty written character of Joker, who is mothing like any of the jokers in any comic or any graphic novel. Although played well, he wasnt played as the Joker, but as a psychopath. Anyine following the comics and novels will know this.

Ive read the comics and knowing what will happen in this film, I hope they aint cut back on the comic to make it more 'real'.

iamnsuperman3357d ago

You have a point however i feel Batman need to be grounded in realism and the world created/portrayed by Nolan is about what if Batman was real. I do not think a film true to its comic origins is sufficient in todays films especially with a main character who is essentially human.

fei-hung3357d ago

Agreed. Realism is the 'in' thing. However, if you get the chance, watch the Batman cartoon called the "the red hood". The cartoon is very dark and gritty. It's grounded in reality but still maintaines its comic feel. The joker is amazingly voiced; sinister but filled with dark humor. If you enjoy the Batman films, the cartoon is a must watch!

perfectCarbonara3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

So the Joker is NOT a psychopath in the comics ? Just a normal guy like you and me.

Trenta273357d ago

You are just being whiny. The direction Nolan took is amazing. The reason I diss Marvel so much is that many of their characters don't seem real. Same goes for a few DC comics as well. Nolan's Batman is quite real and shows what would happen if Batman really existed. Bane doesn't turn into a giant muscle machine and Joker was just crazy.

LightofDarkness3357d ago

Exactly. This is the problem with earlier attempts at Batman too. In these films, Bruce Wayne is portrayed as a sympathetic, even pitiful character, one that people can almost relate to in some way because he seems human. In Tim Burton's version, for instance, he seems too "perfect". He was too James Bond, he was simply unrelatable.

In the Marvel films, there's still a disconnect between hero and audience. You're rooting for them and they're awesome in their way, but you don't necessarily relate to them or think they're a real person (with the exception of a few moments in Spiderman/2).

Trenta273357d ago

My point exactly. I feel for Bruce. He has problems just like everyone else. When something happens to him, I feel so bad and I root for him to get back up!

fei-hung3357d ago

Dont know how you get whiney? Its like cslling someone whiney because they prefer coffee over tea.

The point u r missing is i was talking about my opinion n not forcing it on orhers, whilst u r calling me whiney for prefering my comic book heroes to be more like the comics as supposed to more like Jason Bourne.

@perfect Carbonara

Didnt you read everything I wrote? The joker in the comic and graphic novel world the Joker is more than a psychopath and his name fits who he is by how he does things.

I know this is still part of the whole n4g thing, but I was expecting more from people who comment on here, but being the internet, it is best not to have any expectations!

MoonConquistador3357d ago

I'd rather have the new joker than Mr Freeze or Penguin from the older series of movies. I fear you may be in the minority with not liking the direction this trilogy took.

Awesome films and can't wait for the finale to the trilogy