Watch a 13-Minute Dark Knight Rises TV Special

“The choice has to be made: Is Batman going to return?” The choice was always clear externally after The Dark Knight earned a billion dollars. The decision is more difficult for Bruce Wayne in the universe of the movies, as Christian Bale points out in a new 13-minute TV special for The Dark Knight Rises. The featurette covers a lot of ground, enough to prepare you for all 2 hours and 45 minutes of the movie. In addition to Bale, they talk to co-stars Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well director Christopher Nolan and other behind-the-scenes crew members.

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alycakes3366d ago

This is a great 13 minutes to watch...I highly recommend it. It just makes you even more excited that it's almost here and sad at the same time that it's the final one.

LtSkittles3365d ago

Not going to lie, but it makes me kind of sad. But more importantly it makes me happy, because it's the last one, and that means if someone else screws up Batman, well then we have a near perfect trilogy.

VanguardOfCalamity3364d ago

ONLY reason I'm cryin.... is cause of the adrenaline XD

Soldierone3364d ago

Honestly feel if I watched all the released trailers and footage I'd probably be watching half the dang i'm staying away from it all lol, just like Spider-Man.

extermin8or3364d ago

no if you look, the trailers all pretty much show the same clips just cut and reagaranged :p I think theres alot to this movie they aren't evnen mentioning :p

Soldierone3364d ago

Well I was trying not to see Bane in action. a Stupid special came on TV and showed a fight scene with him in it....I was like "WTF? I didn't even want to see this!" and couldn't find the remote lol

I just want to enjoy the movie, and want surprises in every way possible.

izumo_lee3364d ago

I have seen all the trailers, teasers, now this feature & i still have no idea what is gonna happen in this movie. All i know this is gonna be one hell of an epic movie.

*What Alfred says near the end of this really makes me think that Batman is not gonna die. So all those 'batman is gonna die' stuff does not make sense. The movie is called The Dark Knight 'RISES' for pete sakes.

Soldierone3364d ago


Bane kills Batman in the comics and this is Nolans last movie. Batman could die with Bane, and end it.

If you ask me, he will "die" but come back somehow.

Adva3364d ago

Trailers don't reveal the whole story.
Action, explosions and other minor stuff is revealed.

Better than revealing the whole plot in a 2 minute trailer.

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