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New Poster Banner for The Expendables 2 Features All the Action Stars

A new poster banner for director Simon West’s actioner The Expendables 2 has arrived. The photoshop-enhanced poster features the all-star cast of aging action heroes all lined up side-by-side, weapons in hand. Jean-Claude Van Damme is clearly the villain because he’s the only one in the group wearing sunglasses, like an asshole. The story finds Sylvester Stallone and his crew hell-bent on revenge following the death of one of their own, as they set out to stop Van Damme’s evil plot to blow lots of things up.

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alycakes3365d ago

This is a nice Poster Banner...most of them are still pretty good in my book.

Lord_Sloth3363d ago

Now that's what I'm talkin about! I love these types of movies. Waiting for this and taken 2 right now.

aDDicteD3362d ago

bad ass poster ..old school style. i like the poster but i hope this sequel will outdo the original...which was good but can be improved.