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Great Moments in Cinema: Jaws

Chris Olson of Clearance Bin Review writes, "The dog days of summer are officially upon us (though for most of us, it feels like they’ve been here for a while now), and what better way to welcome the season than to take a look at one of the best moments from a flick that is not only one of the best summer movies of all time, but is also a bona fide classic film. Okay, I’m sure there are some of you who think grilling out and lighting off fireworks is probably a better way to celebrate the summer, and hey, to each their own and all that. However, seeing as how this column is not titled “Great Moments in Hot Dogs and Explosions” we’ll just have to settle for this taking a closer look at of one of the best (not to mention scariest) moments from what is arguably the quintessential summer movie (it helped usher in the age of the summer blockbuster), director Steven Spielberg’s early career masterpiece, Jaws (1975)."

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