Why John Carter Should Be Given A Second Chance

The popular consensus is that box office bomb equals bad movie. Fortunately in the era of DVD, Blu-ray and digital downloads (both legal and illegal) John Carter has the chance to prove such proclamations to be an untruth, with time and clearer heads its best asset in its mission to claim the respect it deserves.

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TheCritic283359d ago

I would agree with this more if John Carter wasn't such a mess of a movie.

MinimeJer053359d ago

Amen! Not such a bad movie after all. I still think people had this movie judged before even seeing it, which means it never got a real chance.

aviator1893359d ago

I absolutely loved this movie. It's the marketing people over at disney who sucked balls.

Soldierone3358d ago

It was a great movie. The marketing behind it was just crap. First they make it seem like Avatar in a desert (which lost my interest since Avatar was boring to me, and john carter wasn't at all) and then they name it John Carter (which makes it sound like a history movie for school)....

Luckily I got free passes and saw it anyways, glad I did.