Because We Don't Have Enough Already, Here's Three More Posters for The Dark Knight Rises

In preparation of the film's release two weeks from now, WB has released a trio of new posters for The Dark Knight Rises—two for Bane, and one for The Caped Crusader himself.

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darklordzor3360d ago

If the posters keep looking good, I say bring them on. Seriously, some studios pump out a crapload of shitty looking posters for a film. Outside of one or two, they've all been pretty decent for TDKR, so I tolerate them.

Soldierone3360d ago

Does anyone know where to buy the Spider-Man Gwen poster?

MinimeJer053359d ago

That first IMAX one is great. The second one is good, but doesn't fit the film at all. Reminds me of Punisher: War Zone and Expendables.

The third banner is great though.